Electrifying Success: How Brands2life Transformed Abhijeet Sinha into the Leading Expert on Electric Vehicles (EVs), Amplifying EV Policy and Advocacy Efforts

Electrifying Success: How Brands2life Transformed Abhijeet Sinha into the Leading Expert on Electric Vehicles (EVs), Amplifying EV Policy and Advocacy Efforts

Abhijeet Sinha:

Technocrat | President - CPOS India, Country Head ASSAR, Ex Banker, Policy Entrepreneur. Previously Vibrant Gujarat, Pilots of NPR-UIDAI, IMNCI


Program Director - Ease of Doing Business (https://easeofdoingbusiness.in/)

Project Director- NHEV (https://nhev.in/)


Abhijeet Sinha is a Technocrat, Policy Entrepreneur currently contributing with tech pilots in the Prime Ministerial initiative on Ease of Doing Business as National Program Director of EoDB Services. Previously associated with Vibrant Gujarat, Pilots of NPR-UIDAI, IMNCI (Asha-Anganwadi) before joining then CM Mr. Modi’s Citizen for Governance (CAG) team in 2014 parliamentary polls. His expertise as an ex-corporate banker was recognized with success in large infra financing on PPP with Hybrid and Annuity Financing models; used in various EoDB emerging tech pilots. Holding additional charge of renowned National Highway for EV (Jaipur – Delhi – Agra) Pilot Project Director, where he has completed India’s longest 210 km E-Highway TECH-Trial Run between Delhi – Agra in 2020. Early this year in 2022, he commissioned two of India’s Largest EV charging stations with 100 + 112 chargers with a capacity to charge 1500 cars in 24 hours and recorded maximum 72% utilization with a minimal breakeven tenure of 36 months.

He is a distinguished figure in the field of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and sustainable transportation. With a deep-rooted passion for environmental conservation and innovative technology, Abhijeet has emerged as a leading expert in the EV industry. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, he has positioned himself as a trusted authority, offering invaluable insights and expert opinions on various aspects of EVs and related matters. Through extensive media coverage and speaking engagements at prestigious conferences, Abhijeet has successfully advocated for the adoption of clean energy solutions and sustainable mobility, driving awareness for EV policy and advocacy. His dedication to promoting a greener and more sustainable future has earned him accolades and recognition as an influential voice in the pursuit of a cleaner planet.


Brands2life(B2L), a leading PR agency, achieved remarkable success in positioning Abhijeet Sinha as the ultimate expert in Electric Vehicles (EVs) and related matters, creating an organic pull effect that attracted media, policymakers, and stakeholders seeking his expert opinions and insights. Through a strategic blend of extensive media coverage, building strong journalist relationships, and cultivating thought leadership, Brands2life successfully transformed Mr. Sinha's personal brand, driving awareness for EV policy and advocacy without resorting to any advertorial or paid media placements.


Before partnering with Brands2life, Abhijeet Sinha was resorting to paid media placements to get his content across, limiting his reach and credibility within the industry. The challenge was to position him as a reputable and trusted authority on EVs, enabling him to contribute to various media stories and platforms organically.


§  Position Abhijeet Sinha as a recognized expert and influencer in the field of EV policy and advocacy.

§  Establish Abhijeet Sinha as a go-to person for media, policymakers, and stakeholders seeking insights, expert opinions, and panelist on EV-related topics.

§  Drive awareness and engagement with EV policy and advocacy initiatives.

§  Enhance Personal Brand Image



Leveraging Media Coverage: B2L developed a comprehensive media coverage strategy that focused on securing high-quality and relevant media placements for Abhijeet Sinha. The agency identified key media outlets and journalists covering EV-related topics and curated engaging and informative content to pitch.

Cultivating Journalist Relationships: B2L dedicated efforts to foster strong relationships with journalists and editors who covered EVs and sustainable transportation, Policy, Infrastructure and related subjects. Regular communication, sharing valuable insights, and offering exclusive stories helped increase Mr. Sinha's visibility within media circles.

Thought Leadership and Expertise: To establish Abhijeet Sinha as an industry thought leader, Brands2life facilitated guest articles, op-eds, and expert opinion pieces authored by him in prominent media outlets. By showcasing his deep knowledge of EVs and related matters, Mr. Sinha's reputation as a trusted authority began to flourish.

Expert Commentary and Opinions: B2L facilitated Abhijeet Sinha's active participation in media interviews, providing expert commentary and opinions on EV policy, sustainability, and related topics. Abhijeet Sinha's insights were positioned as valuable and timely contributions to ongoing industry conversations. By consistently delivering relevant and thought-provoking perspectives, Abhijeet Sinha gained credibility and became a sought-after source for media stories.

Identifying Speaking Opportunities and Leveraging Industry Events: The agency proactively sought speaking opportunities for Mr. Sinha at industry conferences, seminars, and events. As he shared his expertise on stage, his reputation as a compelling and knowledgeable speaker grew. B2L identified relevant industry events and conferences where Abhijeet Sinha could participate as a panelist, speaker, or expert. By leveraging Abhijeet Sinha's expertise and participation in these events, Brands2life ensured media coverage and exposure to a wider audience. Event organizers were engaged to secure media interviews, features, and articles related to Abhijeet Sinha's participation, amplifying his influence and reach.


Brands2life's strategic PR efforts resulted in significant success for Abhijeet Sinha:

Personal Brand elevation: Abhijeet Sinha's personal brand value has experienced a remarkable surge. By positioning himself as a trusted authority and sharing valuable insights through various media channels and industry events, he has gained immense credibility and recognition within the EV community and beyond. The increasing demand for Abhijeet as a guest, panelist, and keynote speaker at high-profile events has solidified his reputation as a thought leader and influencer.

Strong Media Network: Journalists developed personal terms with Abhijeet Sinha, fostering ongoing collaboration and making him a preferred expert for media inquiries and stories.

Organic Pull Effect: Instead of relying on paid placements, Mr. Sinha's credibility and expertise attracted media, policymakers, and stakeholders organically. Journalists sought him out as the go-to person for EV-related insights, driving a higher frequency of his appearances in various media stories and platforms.

Trusted Authority: By consistently sharing valuable insights and opinions on EVs, Mr. Sinha's reputation as a trusted authority grew, enhancing his personal brand within the industry.

Increased Awareness: With a wider audience recognizing Mr. Sinha as a leading expert, awareness for EV policy and advocacy expanded. The impact of his contributions extended beyond individual media placements, influencing public discourse and policy discussions.

Rise in the Partnership requests: Abhijeet Sinha's expertise and reputation as a prominent authority in the Electric Vehicles industry have led to numerous invitations as a guest, panelist, and keynote speaker at various industry-level discussions, events, deliberations, and policy discussions. His exceptional insights and ability to articulate complex topics with clarity have made him a sought-after figure in shaping the discourse around sustainable transportation and clean energy. Abhijeet has chaired several key events, leaving a lasting impact on the industry and policymakers alike.

Key Events/Interventions which Abhijeet Sinha has been a part:

§  14th Clean Energy Ministerial and 8th Mission Innovation alongside G20 Energy Transitions Meeting, GOA

§  ET SCM Summit 2023 (Chief Guests: Nitin Gadkari, MoRTH, Sarbananda Sonowal, Union Minister)

§  The Machinist Super Shopfloor Awards 2023

§  DIISHA Marathon Meet

§  10th anniversary of Accord Transformers (attended as Chief Guest)

§  EV Thermal Management Summit 2023

§  The 7th edition of RenewX, (supported by Ease of Doing Business, National Highways for EV & Charge Point Operators Society of India)

§  The Economic Times Infra Focus Summit & Awards on 27th September 2022

§  The launch of India’s 1st Commercial Cell Manufacturing and Innovation Base of Log9 Materials, Bangalore

§  G20: Health Care Working Group Meeting Goa

§  ‘The Festival of Manufacturing’ by ET Edge

§  The India eMobility Show (Panel Discussion)

§  The Startup Excellence Award for BluSmart

§  Brand Excellence Conclave 2023


For more knowledge about Abhijeet Sinha’s endeavours his Linkedin and Twitter handles can be visited Linkedin | Twitter


Brands2life through their expertly designed and executed PR strategy led to a transformative journey for Abhijeet Sinha within the Electric Vehicles industry. By shifting away from reliance on paid media, Mr. Sinha emerged as a prominent voice, establishing himself as the go-to authority on all matters related to EVs. Brands2life's emphasis on authentic media coverage, thought leadership, and relationship cultivation played a pivotal role in driving significant awareness for EV policy and advocacy, all achieved without resorting to any advertorial or paid media coverage. Brands2life takes pride in contributing to Mr. Sinha's remarkable growth and influence in the EV space, and the agency remains committed to fostering continued success for him and all their valued clients.

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