Brands2life also helps its clients in terms of developing and maintaining relations with investors. We conduct various activities which help clients create a communication channel with the investors. We have turned around various deals just by executing effective strategies.


Investor relations activity has become one of the most important KRAs of Brands2life. We have access to investors’ community which invests in the businesses through various modes. Be it equity funding or the debt we can provide you the platforms. Right from creating pitch deck to the brand valuation we help you at all stages. Mandates, Term sheets, Equity transfer, Agreement, etc are being taken care of by the team of experts. 

Angel level or the series level we facilitate all kinds of investments. 


If you are a startup and looking out to grow your business we can bridge you with the pool of investors.We have mentored various brands which are doing well in the market and have raised millions by now. 


If your pitch deck is not ready to connect with our team and we will help you in constructing a winning pitch deck. If your idea is still in the concept stage meet our team of mentors to give it a final shape. We help you at all the stages so that your end goal is achieved. Not only the startups we also facilitate corporate in raising the funds via various methods.