Brands2life PR Helped Financepeer, An Education Fee Financing Company, Become A Leader In Its Segment With A 60% Market Share.​

Brands2life PR helped Financepeer, an education fee financing company, become a leader in its segment with a 60% market share.

Synopsis: In 2019, Financepeer, an Education Fee Financing Company, faced a challenge in educating the public about its innovative service, often mistaken for a traditional education loan. To tackle this, Financepeer engaged Brands2life PR to enhance awareness, change misconceptions, and drive adoption. Through strategic planning, innovative outreach, and leveraging high-profile endorsements, Financepeer witnessed a significant shift in market perception and achieved remarkable growth.

Problem Statement: Financepeer faced a lack of understanding and misconceptions about its fee financing model, hindering its market penetration. The concept was often equated with traditional education loans, resulting in a lack of interest and acceptance among the target audience, including educational institutions and parents.

Agency Involvement: Brands2life PR embarked on a comprehensive campaign to redefine Financepeer’s image and educate the public about fee financing. The agency utilized various communication tools such as opinion articles, long-format stories, interviews, industry analyst articles, and leveraging available reports to advocate for Education Fee Financing. Efforts were also directed towards educating educational institutions and parents about the benefits of fee financing, supported by engaging case studies to increase interest and traction.

Key Strategies:

  1. Concept Level Awareness Building: Developed a strategic narrative to distinguish fee financing from conventional education loans.
  2. Engagement with Key Stakeholders: Collaborated with educational institutions and parents to communicate the benefits of fee financing, creating case studies for effective engagement.
  3. Celebrity Endorsement: Appointed Indian Cricket Captain Rohit Sharma as Financepeer's Brand Ambassador in 2021, significantly enhancing the company's market presence and credibility.
  4. Continuous Media Buzz and Marketing Support: Sustained media coverage and consistent marketing efforts led to exponential growth in user base and institutional tie-ups.

Implementation: Brands2life PR executed a multifaceted communication plan that utilized diverse media channels to disseminate the message. This included leveraging opinion pieces, interviews, case studies, and high-profile endorsements. The engagement strategy involved a sustained and consistent approach, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of Financepeer’s fee financing among various stakeholders.

Measurable Outcomes:

  1. Market Expansion: Financepeer witnessed remarkable growth, achieving 3 million users within three years and securing partnerships with over 15,000 educational institutions.
  2. Financial Success: The strategic PR efforts contributed to a successful fund raise of USD 31 million, marking a significant milestone for the company.
  3. Industry Recognition: Financepeer's founders emerged as key figures in the industry, gaining increased recognition and trust among stakeholders.
  4. Social Impact: Beyond financial success, the concept also contributed to raising awareness about quality education and mitigating school dropouts, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, preventing the collapse of several educational institutions.

Conclusion: Brands2life PR's innovative strategies and comprehensive communication outreach not only reshaped the perception of fee financing but also contributed to the exponential growth of Financepeer. The company's enhanced market position, financial success, and social impact stand as a testament to the power of strategic PR in transforming a concept and an industry.

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